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It was a great day for our barista prima house party.
Today was our Barista Prima House Party, Not everyone could come the weather turn out nice enough to finish some outdoor work before the snow, but the ones who showed had fun. I do plan on having more friends over soon to finish off the rest of the Barista Prima party favors and coffee. We drank some of the coffee and had some biscotti not counting all the treats I made and my friends brought. It has been a while since my last party; I forgot how much fun it is to have friends and family over for a relaxing time. Our local JC Penny sells Barista Prima coffee locally and we are able to use the coupons. Everyone loved the Barista Prima coffee that I served. The flavors are better than most of what I have tired. I personally love the Barista Prima French Roast and my girlfriend liked the Barista Prima house blend. Everyone loved being able to have the Barista Prima samples that were supplied and coupons in which they will be able to use locally. Thanks for all the supplies and for my new everyday coffee.

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Party day
November 12, 2011

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