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They came. They baked better. They had a blast!

Party day has come and gone, but across the country, hosts and guests are still cheering about their Better Bake Sale House Party™!

  • Did you and your guests enjoy the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!® baking and tasting?
  • What did everyone seem to enjoy most about the party?
  • How did you like the party pack?
  • Did you get your bake sale plans finalized?
  • What/who did you choose to raise money for?
  • Are you and your guests excited about the sweepstakes?

If you haven’t already finalized the details of your Better Bake Sale, now’s the time. Revisit the party favors section and check out the bake sale checklist to ensure you’ve covered all your bases!

Share all the fun moments from your party here!


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Selby B. I am president of my kiddos PTO. We had a great bake sale at the school to raise money for the PTO. I can't believe its not butter was a big hit. The give aways were great. THANKS!
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sharon m. My party had to be delayed due to a family emergency. But it all came together in the end and was great!
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patty3380 we had a cookie swap for christmas. it was a ball and the girls were surprised with all the goodies from i cant believe its not butter. We each donated money for each cookie we wanted to "swap" for toys for adopted family. Then we voted on the best cookie made.
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Fran W. we had a blast even though just about all the guest were sick and didn't make it! thank you to everyone involved!
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Melanie H. we had fun, not many people showed up, but i saved it and ended up having the party at work!! we all chipped in and brought goodies for the night shift!!!
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Party day
September 26, 2009

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