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They came. They shared the pure joys of summer. They had a great time!

Party day has come and gone, but across the country, hosts and guests are still talking about all the fun they each had at his/her Breyers® Summer to Remember House Party™!

  • Did you and your guests enjoy the Breyers® Smooth & Dreamy™ ice cream bars and sandwiches?
  • What were everyone…
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Suzanne H. These deliciously creamy treats remain one of our favorites. If it wasn't for House Party I never would have tried them. Thanks to Breyers and House Party for introducing my family and friends to a wonderfully yummy treat!
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Sophia A. The ice cream bars were absolutely delish! Very creamy and rich tasting and the best part was that we all felt guilt-free! What a great way to enjoy the best of the summer. Thanks, Breyers and House Party! The game was great fun as well and the cooler is perfect for when i want to bring some Smooth and Dreamy Breyers treats to a friends house or the beach.
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Sammi A. We love these delicious ice cream bars. If it wasn't for house party, I never would have known about them. My daughter screams everytime we pass them in the ice cream isle. Our friends enjoyed them too! They keep asking, when is the next party?????????
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Party day
May 22, 2010