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Host Invitation Tips

Who to select for your guestlist

  • Anyone who has expressed a desire to lose weight or inches
  • Anyone who is interested in healthy nutrition and exercise
  • Anyone who would like to have more energy
  • Anyone who has tried "diets" that failed them in the past
  • Anyone who likes great music, great food, and good clean fun!
  • Anyone who wants to live a fuller, more energized life
  • Anyone who hates exercise
  • Anyone who loves exercise
  • Anyone who just likes a worthy challenge

Oh heck, I can't think of too many types I wouldn't invite! Even those ultra-thin Hollywood types who need to gain 10 pounds could benefit from learning the "right" way to eat! So invite everybody!

How to break the ice and extend an invitation:

“Hi Carol, I’m hosting a really fun party and I'm inviting anyone and everyone I know who wants to either lose weight or get in the best shape of their life using Turbo Jam. It's actually a nationwide challenge and I've been selected to host only one of 1,000 parties and assemble a group of my friends to really commit to follow the Turbo Slim program. At the party you'll learn how to eat nutritious foods and get an exact workout plan using Turbo Jam for a 10-day challenge. I think you'd love it. Are you able to make it on the 6th of May?

“Hey Sis, You mentioned that you’ve got that class reunion after Memorial Day and really wanted to be in great shape. I have your solution. You're not going to believe this, but I was selected to be a host for the nationwide Turbo Slim Challenge. I’m hosting a Turbo Jam house party for a 10-Day Turbo Slim Challenge that teaches you how to follow a simple eating and exercise plan. The plan guarantees you can lose up to 10 pounds and 10 inches in 10 days. Now, girlfriend, you know I'm not saying you have 10 pounds to lose, but even if you just want to drop a couple of pounds, this is it! Consider yourself invited!�

“Hey Dan, You are such a party animal and no party is complete without you! That's why I need ya on May 6th. I was selected to be a host for a national slim-down challenge and invite all of my friends and family to take a 10-day challenge to get in great shape together. You know so many people and I figured you could help me invite a few more people who would be really serious about this and would actually commit to 10 days of healthy eating and exercise. The party is basically just to teach people how they will be eating and introduce them to Turbo Jam, that awesome program I told you I've fallen in love with. So, I need positive, motivated people like you. Are you available on the 6th? Cool! Can you think of anyone else we need to invite?"

You get the idea…

Actually, inviting people is going to be far easier than you think. You don't have to approach this from a weight loss standpoint. Even if your friends don't have much weight to lose, who doesn't want to get in better shape and learn how to make eating and exercise more fun? Be creative! Have fun and put together a memorable party that will make such a difference in your friends' lives!



Anna E. I actually put a note on the bulletin board in my apartment building and have had all kinds of calls from the women and young girls that I normally only hold the door for or talk to when our mail gets mixed up. Not only will my neighbors be slimmer for summer, but I think I'll have some great new friends!
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Cheryl B. I'm holding a virtual party since I just ordered the TJ DVDs last week. I'm talking it up to friends as I see them, plus I will be emailing invitations. I am wondering how long it should take an invite to arrive as I sent one to another account I have about 24 hours ago and it still hasn't shown up!
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Anna E. Hi Pricer, I've sees all of my invitations really quickly. Click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the site and call Customer Service to see what the issue is. I've heard the biggest reason is if it got caught in a SPAM screen and could be where people don't see it... they need to check their mail preferences to allow invitations from House Party. Party ON!
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