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They Came. They Rallied. They Loved It.

Party day has come and gone, but across the country, hosts and guests are still talking about the Child Hunger Ends Here House Party™! Check out PartyTalk™ to find out what others are saying — and be sure to add your own comments:

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Shannon S. I handed out the coupons, bags & recipe cards to friends & family members and told them how ConAgra donates everytime a product is bought. They liked to idea of saving money plus helping to feed the hungry.
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Renae J. I handed out the item to friends and family and showed each on an individual basis how they could save money and feed children. i use coupon as much as I can. And i give to my local foodbank.
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debandgab the bags were a big hit nice size and durable most of us are still using them. we still talking about the stop childhood hunger house party
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Party day
March 28, 2010