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We forget how many children are suffering.

I believe that all of us are very blessed to be where we are in life.  Although sometimes it seems we are having rough times there is always someone who is worse off than we are.  It is easy to forget when we do not see or experience it often.


I personally was touched by a girl this past week who just lost her father 2 weeks ago, lives in very poor conditions and her mother spent all she had to give her daughter a birthday party.  I had to surpress my tears many times while at this party. 


This "Child Hunger Ends Here" party is just a small contribution that we can make to those less fortunate than we are.


Tammy Y. I agree that a lot of times we forget about all of those who have so much less then we do. It is very unfortunate that our country, as a whole, seems to focus more attention on helping other countries while we have SO MANY people in the United States of America who go to bed each night wondering where or when they'll get their next meal. I am so grateful that ConAgra has stepped up to the plate to help in this cause!
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Bob H. I agree - we all need to do what we can. We never know when someone we know might be in need! I LOVE this houseparty!
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March 28, 2010

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