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Start planning your Johnsonville® Italian Inspiration House Party

 Hard to believe your party day isn’t that far away. We’re overcome with anticipation! Now’s the time to get organized, get creative and start planning your Johnsonville® Italian Inspiration House Party! Here’s a quick list to get you started:

  • Have all of your guests been invited? Have they RSVPd?
  • Have you checked out our Party Planning Guide for simple step-by-step instructions on hosting a House Party?
  • What are you going to have on hand in addition to Johnsonville® Italian Sausage? 
  • What are you serving and what can you ask your guests to bring?
  • What activities do you have planned? (Hint: visit the Party Favors to download our fun ideas.) 
  • Have you liked Johnsonville® Kitchens on Facebook?
  • Were you going to decorate for the party? Do you need additional supplies? House Party’s Shop offers members great deals. 

Start sharing your party planning ideas here, tweet about your ideas using the hashtag #jvilleparty and share them on Facebook


Stacey A. All of our guests have been invited, and all have RSVP'ed! Planning other party details now :) Serving red and white Italian wines, and non-alcoholic juices, antipasto salad, Italian nachos, sausage alfredo florentine, baked pizza casserole, asparagus, squash, and desserts TBD (sweets ideas, anyone?).. Also finalizing movie, game, and music selection for our get-together now too :D
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nurtureandstrengthen Italian creme cake and italian ice or sorbetto!
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Kristin K. I am so excited for the big day! I am still in the planning stages so stay tuned.
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Party day
March 24, 2012

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