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Did you and your guests have fun exploring the pizza possibilities?

Party day has come and gone, but across the country, hosts and guests are still talking about the great fun they had at their Johnsonville® Pizza Possibilities House Party!

  • Did you and your guests enjoy exploring the pizza possibilities with Johnsonville Italian Sausage?
  • What did everyone …
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Kristy L. We had a great time hosting the pizza party. We loved the Sausage Fontina recipe from the recipe booklet- delicious!
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goldasu We had this party on the 7th and had a great time. I made individual crusts and homemade sauce. Then everyone got to pick out their toppings (spicy, 4 cheese, and mild Johnsonville Sausages were available plus tons of cheese and veggies) and then were grilled to perfection by my hubby. It was a tasty party and the kids had the most fun!
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Jaime M. We had a really great time. It was a good reason to get us all together with our busy schedules. I actually just bought some of the Johnsonville 4-cheese sausage at the store yesterday, and we're doing make your own pizzas for dinner tonight with my family. I honestly wouldn't have bought it without having had the party. Thank you!
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October 07, 2011