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They Came. They Tasted. They Loved It!


Party day has come and gone, but across the country hosts and guests are still buzzing about the Kellogg’s™ Live Bright™ House Party. 

At your party...

  • Did you enjoy the Kellogg’s™ Live Bright™ brain health bars?
  • Did one flavor prove more popular?
  • How did the brain-healthy games and activities go ove…
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abby p. My guests loved the brain bars. We had a tennis round robin (tennis is a brain builder activity) and had the brain bars as snacks. They loved them. Several people went online to see where they can buy the bars.
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Suzanne J. My guests loved this party the game was a hit!! I am saddened my friend who took the photos passed away! I am still a wreck at the loss of my friend. She and I cooked and held great parties. Most people liked the white bars! I liked the dark bars. I cannot find them anywhere aside from Amazon and all my coupons expired!
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Amy D. My friends and family thought the bars were delicious. The double chocolate was their favorite. I, too, have been having a difficult time finding them, however, I noticed that Costco now carries them! Hurray! The Big Brain game was alot of fun! We had a blast! Thanks for allowing me to share this product with my friends and family!
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September 20, 2008