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They Came. They Tasted. They Loved It.

Party day has come and gone, but across the country, hosts and guests are still chatting about the Little Taste of Summer House Party™!

Check out PartyTalk™ to find out what others are saying — and be sure to add your own comments:

  • Did everyone enjoy tasting what’s new & delicious fr…
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kelley s. Everyone had a great time. We all loved the giveaways and Kraft samples. Thank you so much. Great time with friends and family!
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Holly R. We still go to the store and buy the digiornos pizza with bread sticks, have tried teh pizzas with the buffalo wings, the kids love making the mac and cheese because its easy and its good. My husband loves the ritz crackers and to this day we still buy all of this stuff. Thank you for introducing my family and I to these products
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gena.armstrong This was a great part. We still do buy some of the stuff too. I see that the macaroni & cheese has become very popular, lots of television commercials for it.
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Party day
May 15, 2010