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The wait is over — it’s party day

Hosts - please remember that the party pack contains an advance promotional copy of the One Direction Up All Night Live Tour DVD. This DVD is not for re-sale, copy, or distribution.  It's for the sole use at your House Party screening. Under no circumstance may content from the film be shared or uploaded online. Should any content be uploaded online it will be pulled down immediately due to copyright infringement.

We hope you and your guests enjoyed watching the DVD and had fun with all the awesome One Direction party goodies! Use Twitter to let us know how your party is going using #UpAllNightHP and post comments on our Facebook wall.

Also, make sure you and your friends check in on Foursquare using #UpAllNightHP. You can make this the largest One Direction party to date. Upload pictures of everybody having fun and cheering on the band! We just set up the official "Moving Target!" check-in on Foursquare for the Official Party Date - check in as soon as the party gets started!

And don't forget to check-in to One Direction on Get Glue during your One Direction Up All Night House Party to earn an exclusive “One Direction House Party” Get Glue sticker!

Thanks again for hosting a One Direction Up All Night House Party! We can't wait to see the photos and hear all about it!

It has come to our attention that content contained on the One Direction DVD has been uploaded to YouTube. As a legal matter, and as language set forth on the DVD itself made clear, the copyrighted content contained on the DVD remains the exclusive property of Sony Music Entertainment, and any recipient of the DVD is not authorized to reproduce, distribute, perform or otherwise exploit such content.

Sony Music Entertainment intends to enforce its rights against any individual who infringes on Sony Music's copyright rights. Please be sure to pass along this information to all guests of your House Party who might come in contact with the DVD so they can be as informed as you now are.


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This event has ended. Be sure to check out other events going on now.
Party day
May 19, 2012

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