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Happy House Party!

We know your Pink Plaid House Party will be fun. And tasty. And creative. And meaningful. And...

...well, the truth is, while we know it will be great, we don't know exactly what will be most special about your get-together. But we WANT to know!

When your party is over, come tell us about it!


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Angela M. I was unable to host my party at my home so I did it at work. During our lunch hour, I decorated our lunch room, brought in recipes from my new cookbook and all of the samples that were provided. What a lunch hour. Everyone loved it and I think that everyone will purchase the new cookbook because everyone wanted mine. Thank you for the opportunity to host a Pink Plaid House Party. God Bless everyone who has had to deal with this horrible disease and survived.
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Melissa G. I am soooo sad!!!! This says I got in but I never recieved a box :(
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Jamie M. We had such a blast! I had 15 people attend. We made a few recipes from the book.
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October 06, 2007


Happy House Party! - on 10/6/07
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