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had my party......BIG success!

we had a great time at my rowenta house party last was a girls night for sure.....i had ten guests....had my den set up like a big dressing room.....ironing board and steamer....clothes rack....extra hangars.....(great suggestions from the site!)  magazines....everyone brought clothes to trade...which looked like new after we steamed them...i had practiced with my steam iron all week so im an expert with it now......i demonstrated it but then all the girls wanted to try it out themselves....we all tried on each others clothes and got new garments to take home and i took all the extras to the good will today ...i didnt get the dvd until today so i wasnt able to play it for the guests..but i did give out party favor bags  that included the garment bags....they were very well liked...along wiht the  coupons...and some extras ive been picking up along the way ...i had a drawing and gave the  the garment bag and the sewing kit as door prizes....i served hearty dips and and cookies and we all had a wonderful time...i  love my steamer and the girls did too..a couple of them were so impressed they are going to ask for it for sister liked it so much she wants hers BEFORE christmas!...i loved being able to particpate in this event and to plan it on the party site.....the ideas and encouragment went a long way to helping my party be a great success....thank you for the opportunity to participate in this event with all the other ladies!...its been so much fun!


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December 05, 2009

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