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“I Like to Move It”

This month’s theme is “I Like to Move It” and it’s all about having a blast exploring the amazing party-energizing capabilities of PlayStation®Move!

Ready to start racking up some points?  The first week’s challenge revolves around the PlayStation® XMB.  After all, your PS3 is so much more than a gaming machine. From Blu-Ray movies, to online rentals, to picture slideshows, to music playlists, your PlayStation® 3 is the ultimate multimedia device.

Complete these fun challenges to unlock the true potential of your PS3:

  • 5 Points — Post a photo of your XMB playlist with your favorite songs to start a party
  • 5 Points — Post a photo of your XMB with a PlayStation®Move demo that you downloaded
  • 10 Points — Post a blog about a great party movie you would download from the PlayStation® network
  • 15 Points — Post a video of you dancing along to your favorite party songs from your XMB playlist
  • 15 Points — Post a video about your favorite PlayStation®Move demos you downloaded off the store

These are just a few of the XMB challenges. Get the full list of challenges in Party Favors.

You have until October 31st to rack up as many points as you can. After that, your points will be reset and a new set of challenges will be unveiled. Not only will racking up points make you eligible for great prizes over the course of the month, but by participating you could qualify to host a very special rewards party in December, exclusive to members of this community — in which case, the holidays will definitely be coming early to you and your family!   

In order to receive your prizes, you must sign up for a free PlayStation®Network account. Sign up today.

Don’t waste any time. Post all photos, blogs and videos here to start tallying up points!


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Julie S. Time to get started then.
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sbanks11 Oh no I'm a week late for starting to get my points. Guess I better get my Move on!
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kpprior opposed to last month, I don't have any of the games for this month's theme!
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BJ W. That's fantastic!
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Love the PS3, way better than Wii.
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January 04 — January 31, 2011

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