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Fill your Rachel Maddow Fan Appreciation House Party with fun

There’ll be plenty of The Rachel Maddow Show on hand for you and your guests to watch. But don’t let the fun stop there! Try these activities (get details for some of these activities plus exclusive cocktail recipes in the Party Favors):

Warm Up to Rachel
Introduce your guests to Ms. Maddow and her beliefs by sitting and watching the Best of the Rachel Maddow Show DVD with them. It’ll help everyone understand her love of the progressive political movement.

Tune In
Be sure to catch the 9PM ET/6PM PT November 4th airing of The Rachel Maddow Show on msnbc with your guests during your party.

Discussion Hour
After you finish watching the show with your guests, spend some time talking about the topics Rachel covered. Which were your favorites? How did she help you understand them better? What was something new you learned? Use the discussion guide to answer these and other questions.

Social Movement
Take your discussion online in the social spheres of Twitter and Facebook. Post your thoughts, questions and takeaways from watching the latest episode of The Rachel Maddow Show.

Tell us how you plan to make this a party to remember: post a comment, tweet about your ideas on Twitter using the hashtag #maddowparty and share them on Facebook.


Leigh Ann K. I have the cocktail recipes. Now just need to find the discussion guide. Maybe it's coming with the party pack?
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rewolinskifamily5 I can't wait! Anyone get their pack yet? Wonder what sizes of tshirts they are sending out?
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This event has ended. Be sure to check out other events going on now.
Party day
November 04, 2011

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