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thank you HouseParty and Redbook!!
My virtual house party was a success!! All of my friends live all over the country, so most of my house parties are 'virtual'...when my package arrives, I divide all the goodies into gift boxes and ship them to my friends and then we get online and chat about what is in the box of fun! Unfortunately this makes it difficult to get a group picture! Maybe I should try a 'Skype' party and take a screenshot and post that here!! or record the video chat and post that!! (or maybe not ;) ) I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the L'Oreal products! the lip balm is to die for! I am not a lipstick fan at all and I dont even feel like I have any on! and the primer, yay, so nice! the HairColor was a bonus pack to 3 lucky friends and I cannot wait til my subscription to Redbook starts (since my last one lapsed!) Thanks again!! Hopefully outing myself as a virtual partier doesnt prohibit me from hosting again! Not all of my parties are virtual! There are just some friends that I know will prefer certain products over others! Thanks again!!

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June 23, 2012

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