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Thank you !! The Party WAS AWESOME !!!
The party was awesome!! Since it has been so hot, we decided to try to keep cool and stave off scurvy by trying several Lime Based drinks. (We were channeling our inner Pirates !!) We served mojitos, gimlets and, of course, margaritas, along with yummy snacks !! All of the girls were blown away by their goodie bags. We played a few goofy games and a several rounds of LRC (a dice game) and used the boxes of hair color and the wine tote as prizes. My step-sister (who does NOT have red hair) won the box of medium auburn hair color. She proclaimed that she was going to try it and go red for the Fall !! It was a great mix of people of varying ages, as my step mom and the mom of one of my friends were able to join us. I think they had as much fun as we did, acting as crazy the "girls". Thank you for allowing me to host this party. It was truly a success and one that we will continue to laugh about for quite some time !!

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Party day
June 23, 2012

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