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Party Packs are shipping soon

We know you’re eagerly awaiting your Riceworks® Confess Your Snacking Sins Party Pack! While we don’t have your tracking information just yet, you’ll get an email from FedEx with your tracking number as soon as your package is on its way. Please check your junk or spam folder for this email.

In the meantime, here’s what your exclusive Party Pack will include:

  • 15 "I Confessed" stickers
  • 45 recipe cards (15 of each)
  • 1 table top display card
  • 15 $1 off riceworks® coupons
  • 6 5.5oz. bags of riceworks®
  • 6 riceworks® coupons for the host to buy more product
  • 15 halos for those who confess

Make sure your webcam is ready for your partygoers to upload their confession videos. Have your camera ready and take pictures and video when you open it and be sure to post in My Photos and Videos. We’ve got some great advice on how to shoot the best video. Then tell us here and on Twitter what your favorite Party Pack item is using the hashtag #riceworksparty.

If you don’t receive your Party Pack by end of day Tuesday, January 17, contact us at help@houseparty.com. Please note that we won’t send any replacement Party Packs or Party Pack items after the party date, which is January 21, 2012.


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jmorris625 Oh.... I can't wait! I'll be locking it up so I don't eat them before the party! Or I'll be confessing a lot...LOL
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Felicia R. So cant wait... heck its not like I havent been sinning late at night these days... especially the later it gets and i am all alone in my bed... Apparently food has become my friend/enemy... Cant wait to try these guys out at least I would know my late night cravings will be healthier... plus i got my email 2 days ago saying they were shipped out. So cant wait... ps seems like I will need to start cleaning my place for when people come over... to try these suckers out. :)
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Athena Thank you! Just got my tracking number! :)
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mommy.barnes Just got my party package!!! Can't WAIT to share them with friends!!! Thank You!
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ehlainee I just got the Riceworks party pack today! I couldn't wait to try them, so I opened them already. After thorough tasting, I have decided my favorite flavor is the Parmesan & Sun Dried Tomatoes. The Sea Salt and Black Sesame/Sea Salt are great with some avocado or salsa, since they are more plain tasting. I have to be honest and I didn't really like the crunchiness. The chips are a bit hard for me, but I guess it would prevent it from breaking easily when dipped. Since I am very health-conscious, I would prefer the chips to be baked to make it a bit less fat. I noticed there was maltodextrin in the ingredients. Isn't that not healthy for you? Overall, I don't think this that healthy of a chip, but the whole grain brown rice idea is different compared to other chips I have seen at the stores. I do like black sesame and I think it is great that the chips contain something healthy and different in them. These are just my thoughts on Riceworks chips so far. I can't wait to hear what my friends/family have to say about them. Thank you Riceworks and House Party for the opportunity to host and sample your chips!
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This event has ended. Be sure to check out other events going on now.
Party day
January 21, 2012

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