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Almost missed it!
So the snow storm on the 21st almost ruined my Riceworks party. I had to postpone the party until the following week and it almost didn't happen. Participants who agreed to attend were no longer available. But I really LOVE Riceworks so I had to figure something out to promote this fabulous snack and have fun with friends. Solution: bring the party to my friends. Since my original guest list was pretty much non-existent, I surprised my friends at my children's dance class with an unexpected Riceworks party. I brought everything to the studio with me and introduced them all to a healthier snack. I barely had a chance to introduce the party when they were all asking and wondering what I was carrying in the box. We opened bags, confessed snack sins, claimed favorites and shares recipe ideas. Result: Success!! I gave out recipe cards and coupons and continue to promote Riceworks with co-workers, family and friends. It wasn't the party I planned, but it was the response I expected. Thank you, Riceworks!!

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January 21, 2012

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