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Last-minute party reminders

Your Shutterfly Give and Get Joy House Party is fast approaching. Here are some last minute reminders to make sure you’re ready.

Set the stage

  • Finalize your menu: What snacks or appetizers are you making for the party? Don’t forget ice for drinks!
  • Set up your photo books: Pull out your photo books and display your favorite one on the easel. Don’t forget to tell your guests what the photo book means to you.
  • Download demo: Show your guests how to register the promo codes so that they can download their free Shutterfly photo book and holiday cards.
  • Plan party activities: Download the Party Favors and Shutterfly Tips and Tricks to get ideas.

Get technical

  • Be prepared: Check your high-speed Internet to make sure it’s working.
  • Check the camera: Make sure your battery is charged and your memory card has plenty of room.
  • Take pictures of your party: Remember to take plenty of pictures and tag Shutterfly as you upload them to Facebook and you could be selected as the “Ultimate Shutterfly Photo Book Host.”
  • Set up extension cords: If laptop batteries run low, your guests will need to quickly recharge so they can keep creating their photo book.

Party fun

  • Share your party plans: Post on Shutterfly’s Facebook page your fun party ideas and why you love Shutterfly photo books.
  • Spread the word: The day of the party, visit Shutterfly’s Facebook page to share and comment on Shutterfly’s House Party wall post.
  • Keep it going: During the party, encourage your guests to comment on Shutterfly’s Facebook wall and share in the fun.
  • Tweet, tweet, hooray: Use the Twitter hashtag #shutterflyjoy to share the excitement before, during and after the party.

Let us know how your party is going on Shutterfly's Facebook page. More than anything else have fun planning and hosting your House Party!


aroundfamily Didn't get in but thanks for the free holiday cards!...(sponsored post?)
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Heather D. I'm finishing up a few last minute touches. My menu is planned and the room decorated. I can't wait to have everyone arrive and see all the great gifts and start to make their own books. Thanks again House Party and Shutterfly!!
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wagner_jl I love the tips--I gave it guest a folder with all the tips and the vouchers! They loved it! It was great to get to share ideas and look at all the different ways to preserve your special memories! I think you will have lots of new business!
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This event has ended. Be sure to check out other events going on now.
Party day
November 05, 2011

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