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They came. They Indulged. They had a great time!

Party day has come and gone, but across the country, hosts and guests are still talking about the great fun they had at their Sweet Freedom to Indulge House Party! And we want to know what you and your guests thought of the experience.

  • Did you and your guests enjoy trying Blue Bunny® Sweet Fre…
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thehooblers Our party had to be delayed because I ended up getting pneumonia - we rescheduled and enjoyed having a ice cream party. Selection was limited in my area too. But will definitely be enjoying some Sweet Freedom ice cream in the future. Thanks again for offering this and introducing us to something we might have passed up at the store.
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waterfallwoman I've been sick also. I may have a genetic connective tissue disorder that I'm being checked for now. Because of this I may have missed the survey as I cannot find it now. Hopefully we will get to do another party now that I have family living with me to help.
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waterfallwoman As for the questions above. We had about 10 guests, though all do not appear in the pictures we took. More are asking to come to the next one though! Those who came really enjoyed the Sweet Freedom Ice Cream from Blue Bunny. My sons and I loved Bunny Tracks the most. Another guest loved the ice cream bars most. We have a nice side deck and everyone seemed to enjoy sitting outside while eating their ice cream. Doing the bunny hop was a hit, but I think eating the Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Ice Cream was the most enjoyed activity. Four of my guests were diabetic and all four intended to purchase Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom in the future. My guests and I enjoyed all of the party pack but I think the coupons, pens and notepads were what everyone liked most. The coupons, so they could purchase it for themselves while saving a little bit of money and the pens and notepads so everyone could make shopping lists. All in all, our Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom to Indulge party was mot definitely a big hit!
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May 17 — May 19, 2012