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Tired Muscles?

all of our bodies are susceptible to soreness and complaints from our muscles. It is a natural result that all active people feel. The most effective relief from normal muscle soreness is stretching.


Cathy O. This post has also been sent to the customer service center of I recently purchased the Turbo Jam package from Beachbody infomercial, which I love, and several friends have purchased it as well. However, we noticed on ebay that Chalene had more video’s including a new Cardio Party Mix 3 that we are interested in purchasing. On ebay these videos are going for, at the least, $30 bucks. The price isn’t really the issue, the issue is we can’t seem to find these videos available anywhere else, not even on and we were wondering when these were going to be available or does Chalene benefit from ebay? We just think that she is losing money considering we can not find her videos anywhere to order and the only place we seem to find them is in ebay, she has no official website where we can order and not even on can we order individually we have to order the package which we already have ordered. We don’t want to pay for something that’s been used. We would really, really like to purchase more of her videos, if she can let us know where to purchase these we would really, really appreciate it.
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Winifred T. Hi thinktink78, Try this I searched for it too. I really want it! If you go to, look in the top right hand corner of the page where there's a drop down window titled, "Choose a Product" Scroll down to, "Turbo Jam More exciting Products" you will find Cardio Party Mix 3 along with other great DVD's that aren't in the Turbo Jam package. Hope this helps, Winnie
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