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Velveeta Saves the Day!!!
Okay, so heres what happened. I was selected to host this party...and boy was I excited! Velveeta? For Dinner? Yes, please! Then things went a little crazy in my world. There was a devasating fire that destroyed 3 of my neighbors homes, but thankfully, no lives were lost. Several people in the neighborhood had to leave their homes because of the health hazards that resulted from the fire. Watching friends pack up and leave, even if it was short term, was a very sad thing to see. Not really knowing what else to do, I opened my pantry and there it was. Four boxes of Velveeta Cheesy Skillets all in a row, waiting to be devoured at my party the following weekend. I grabbed them and went in the kitchen, where I made all four boxes along with garlic bread. I brought my kitchen table out front and set the steaming dishes of cheesy goodness out. I called down the street to those who were vacating their homes, and offered them food. Before I even had a chance to turn around, all 4 dishes were empty! Everyone, children and adults alike, had eaten every last bit of the cheesy goodness. I gave out the coupons I had gotten in my Party Pack to my neighbors who were being temporarily displaced along with my electric skillet so they could eat something homemade while stuck in a hotel. It was the most rewarding thing to hear my neighbors laugh and be content, even just for a minute, while enjoying the cheesy skillets. Thanks, House Party, for the opportunity to try this delicious product. I wish I could have help my party so I could have the Hambuger helper Smackdown I had planned, but I would not change a thing about my impromtu party in the street! It was everything a House Party should be...good food, good friends, and laughter!

kathy r. Wow that made tears come to my eyes!
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June 18, 2011

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