Party Pact

The House Party Pact

Before you apply to host any House Party, you agree to the Party Pact. To us here at House Party, this is as sacred oath that while partying, you’ll help us protect both you and our community.

Here’s how it goes:

Hosting a House Party is a special opportunity, and with that come certain commitments. Please confirm that you will...

  1. Submit only one application per household (per party)
  2. Answer all questions accurately
  3. Plan and host the best party you can
  4. Share your Party Pack with your guests, as intended
  5. Not attempt to obtain extra Party Packs or Party Pack items
  6. Upload a group picture of you and your partygoers to the Party Page and verify the number of people in the photo

By applying for a host spot, you are agreeing to conduct yourself in the spirit of House Party — sharing a product with the people you love, through an exclusive experience. Hosts who break this Party Pact and abuse this trust will lose their House Party privileges.

Group photo

After you throw your party, you’ll see a Group photo section on the right side of your My Party Page. As part of your Party Pact (when you applied for the party), you agreed to upload this photo. We want to see you and your partygoers in action! After you upload it, you’ll need to tell us how many people are in the photo, so don’t be shy! Please share this photo with us as soon as you can after your party.

To respect both you and your guests’ privacy, this photo is private and only visible to you and your invited guests. It won’t appear on the Official Party Page’s Photos tab unless you check the box which says 'Post to My Photos'. The Group photo is also important to House Party; it’s one of the many ways we’re working to select the best hosts and reward members who throw awesome parties.