December 18th, 2020

Houseparty x Celia Krampien

All of the [Frames] in Houseparty are original collections created by talented, independent artists. Every few weeks, we’ll drop a new collection by a new artist in the app. This next artist, @celiakrampien, brings the holidays to Houseparty! These cheery [Frames] are now available in Houseparty! ❄️

Artist Collab Image

Celia Krampien is a Canadian illustrator and author. She has created work for newspapers, magazines and children’s books. Her first authored/illustrated picture book, SUNNY, was published in 2020. Celia grew up in a small town (population 400) in rural Southern Ontario. She spent her childhood reading, observing local wildlife and climbing trees (and sometimes falling out of them). Today, she lives in the Niagara region and still spends her time reading and observing the local wildlife but she now prefers to enjoy trees with both feet on the ground.

About the collection - “There’s so much to love about the winter season; snowy landscapes, people (and dogs) dressed in their outerwear, winter activities or cozy nights by the fire. For me, the most appealing part of creating these illustrations was trying to capture the mood the season brings and exploring all the wonderful wintery things that bring me joy.” - Celia Krampien

Look out for more artists being introduced to the app every few weeks!

Downloadable Wallpapers

This collection of art is perfect way to end the year. Glow up your current wallpaper and download all 5 of @celiakrampien’s holiday themed Frames here in both vertical and horizontal orientations!

How to use [Frames] in Houseparty:

  1. Download the Houseparty App.
  2. Start a group chat with your friends.
  3. Press the [Frames] icon in the bottom corner of your screen.
  4. Select the frame you’d like to use and confirm.
  5. Strike a pose, you look glamorous.