April 5th, 2021

Introducing Fortnite Mode Streaming on Houseparty

Stream your gameplay on Houseparty and video chat in-game while you play!

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Houseparty was already the best way to video chat with friends, and now you can livestream and video chat inside Fortnite. As part of Epic Games, Houseparty has brought the ability to stream your Fortnite gameplay to Houseparty. It’s a team-up worthy of one of the best squad games ever.

Here’s everything you need to know!

Video Chat on Fortnite

When you pair Houseparty and Fortnite, you’ll be able to play on your PlayStation or PC while you video chat live with friends from right within the game. Fortnite party participants and Houseparty friends will be displayed live on a side panel that doesn’t get in the way of your game screen. It’s the perfect way to bring the fun of in-person gaming to playing together remotely.

Stream Your Gameplay to Houseparty

So you can video chat with the Houseparty functionality inside of Fortnite on your PC or PlayStation, but what about the other way around? Can you watch streams and send your own streams from Fortnite to the Houseparty app?


When you activate Fortnite Mode, all of your Houseparty friends will be able to see a live stream of your Fortnite gameplay. Houseparty will notify your friends when your game feed is available, and you’ll receive notifications when your friends are streaming. Jump into a stream, send some reaction emojis, leave words of encouragement, and more!

How to Set Up Houseparty & Fortnite Together

Here’s how to set up Houseparty on Fortnite and start video chatting with friends as you play:

  1. Open the app on iOS or Android and Connect to Fortnite through Settings or the TV icon.
  2. Join your friends like you normally would or invite them to join you.
  3. Open Fortnite on PC, PlayStation 5, or PlayStation 4.
  4. Continue talking to your friends while you play. (Make sure your mobile device is positioned to fully frame your face.)

Now’s your chance to play one of the most popular games in the world while chatting with friends on your favorite social app.