Get fresher food and easy home delivery FreshDirect delivers everything you need to feed your family and stock your home. Their gourmet fresh food and flawless customer service satisfies the most demanding customer. Put them to the test, order yourself, and you’ll experience: • Fast delivery: FreshDirect will deliver as early as the day after you place your order, seven days a week, with a two-hour delivery window. • Great selection and quality: You’ll find butcher store and farmer’s market quality fresh meats, seafood, produce and dairy plus brand-name grocery, household, health and beauty items when you shop at FreshDirect. • Five-star freshness ratings: Featured on all fruits, vegetables and seafood to help you select the best items. • Ability to shop on the go: FreshDirect has easy to navigate iPhone, iPad and Android apps that let you shop or add something to your basket whenever you think of something you need. • Customizable orders: Their butchers prepare meat to order and the deli department slices deli meats and cheese to your desired thickness. • Offerings for special dietary needs: FreshDirect’s Smart & Simple healthy low-calorie fresh and frozen lines blow away diet program food. Plus they have organic, sustainable, local, Kosher, low-sodium and gluten-free sections as well. • A wide array of prepared dishes: Made fresh every day, FreshDirect offers meals and sides created exclusively for FreshDirect by in-house chefs and famous chefs/restaurants. • 100% satisfaction guarantee: Call the customer hotline if you have issues with any item and, you’ll receive a full refund OR credit (it’s up to you!). FreshDirect delivers to most of Manhattan, Staten Island, Riverdale in the Bronx and Bergen County, and to many neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, Westchester, Hudson, Union, Essex, Morris, Passaic and southern Fairfield Counties. Find out if they deliver to you by visiting

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