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The PlayStation®3 is your key to high definition entertainment in your living room. Turn Friday nights into family movie nights with the built-in Blu-ray player or stream your favorite movies via Netflix™. Have a dance off against your kids by streaming or playing your music. Then, challenge them to their favorite video game. Plus, you can download the latest demos, games, movies, tips and more from the PlayStation®Network. Get in on the Family Fun. 

2011 PlayStation® Online Rewards Program

Get ready for an entire year of fun with the PlayStation® Online Rewards Program!

This program only happens online. (It's not a traditional House Party™, so there's no party pack.) It's your family's chance to earn free stuff while reconnecting and unlocking the potential of your PlayStation®3. Here's how it works:

1.      House Party™ will post a new theme every month for a year. Each theme will list a set of fun challenges involving your family's PlayStation®3. Challenges include things like posting photos, creating new blog posts, answering polls and more.

2.      The more challenges your family completes, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the more PlayStation® rewards you can get.

3.      Rewards include awesome PlayStation® prizes like PS3™ accessories, game demos, themes and more.

The PlayStation® Online Rewards Program is your key to family fun! Get in on the action now and make it your family's best year yet!



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