Party favors

  • AARP Welcome Sign

    Greet your guests with this AARP welcome sign!

  • AARP Event Logo

    Be sure to decorate your party with the AARP event logo.

  • Entertaining Entertainment

    Learn how other cultures entertain with this fun true or false game.

  • Entertaining Experiences

    Have your guests share a story about their travel experiences and the amazing cuisine they have tried along the way.

  • 50+ and Staying Fit

    Share some of your own fitness tips with your guests!

  • AARP Celebrate Life @ 50 Guide

    Download the AARP link guide to view top articles, expert information and insightful tips.

  • Join or Renew AARP Today!

    Download this AARP brochure for you and your guests to join or renew their membership today!

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Party day
March 26, 2011