Party favors

  • Avocados from Mexico Logo

    Use this image to enhance your party...make a t-shirt, screen it onto a cake, print stickers for custom gift bags...Be creative!

  • Avocado Ripeness Guide

    A quick guide to ripe avocados.

  • Party Food Calculator

    Figure out just the right amount of food to order or prepare for your party!

  • Avocado Tips & Hints

    It's easy to choose the perfect Avocado from Mexico.

  • Welcome Sign

    Welcome your guests to your Avocados from Mexico - The Big Hit House Party

  • Big Hit Trivia

    See who really knows their baseball facts!

  • Recipes

    Avocados and the Big Game! What could be a better combination?

  • Welcome To the Party!

    Hungry for snacks? Check out recipes and other great stuff online. Enter the "Hass Avocados The Big Hit Sweepstakes"

  • Letter To Hosts

  • Discover What's Inside Every Avocado

    Avocados not only taste good, they're good for you! Share with your friends the benefits of the Avocado from Mexico

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October 10, 2009