Dinner Party

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Heather M. My guest is my little baby. :) He's my date! :)
Marla A. I just have to check with my husband, but I think we will definitely be there!
Victoria We will be there, thanks!
vpmiller2009 Birthdays To Celebrate in June!! *Shirley: June 2 *Pablo: June 8 Happy Birthday Friends & Family!! Anyone else?
vpmiller2009 On a side note, this is not a "tupperware" type party... no one is selling anything! There is no catch, no salesman, no brochures, etc. I won 2 cooking pans from Calphalon/Williams Sonoma/House Party and am only supposed to "show them off"!
vpmiller2009 Hi Everyone! Veronica here.... I know the invite says "elegant" & "formal" but please disregard that! Keep the tux and black tie in the closet! Come casual and expect CASUAL! Hope you all can make it!

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Party day
June 05, 2010