Party favors

  • Pen and Pencil Activities for Kids

    Your kids will have fun playing these interactive games, puzzles and fun activities geared to teach them about healthy eating. Each activity is designed by age group.

  • CAPRI SUN Party Games

    Enjoy fun games like Pop the Pouch, Finders Keepers Scavenger Hunt, and 100% Fruit Relays at your party!

  • Drink Pouch Brigade™

    Find out how you can put your CAPRI SUN pouches to good use by forming a Drink Pouch Brigadeâ„¢.

  • CAPRI SUN Food For Thought

    Here are some ideas of how you and your kids can think about food.

  • Welcome Sign

    Print out this party sign to welcome your guests!

  • CAPRI SUN Logo

    Use this logo to print stickers for party bags, screen it on a cake, or any other fun idea you have!

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Sep 18 — Sep 19, 2010