Dog For All Party!!

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thomaswbo Glad you all are leaving comments after all that phone calling i did lol. Thanks you guys. It means alot!
Roy W. thanks to thomas and chef michaels for everything that did to make this possible!!.
furious just got off the phone with you i thought come and tell chef michael and houseparty thanks alot!!!
Donna M. nice pictures thomas....we all had a great time cant wait for the next time!
Connie H. Thanks Thomas for the great party.
Shelly B. Thanks for inviting us Thomas and special thanks to Chef Michael's and House Party. The food was great and the dogs enjoyed theres also..Cant wait for another parrty Thomas!
Alicia W. Sorry I havent posted before now..We had a awesome time and our dogs loves the new dog food..its the only kind our dogs will eat now! thanks alot to houseparty and chef michaels!!
thomaswbo sorry everyone...having problem getting the pictures off my sd disk onto the computer its not reading it..hope to have this isssue fix by weekend over.
thomaswbo I hope all my guest had the best time at there party today.. I have tons of pictures to upload they still on the cam. just got done wrapping things up.will up them tomorrow! thanks again chef michaels and houseparty!
thomaswbo Party Time Today!
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Party day
August 16, 2009