Clairol Color Connection House Party

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Vinnie H. Got the party pack! I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! Y'all betta come ready to walk out different! :D The hair color coupons have been distributed. Don't forget to log onto to to get help picking your perfect shade. Then remember to do the allergy test before the party.
Vinnie H. Log onto for help selecting the perfect hair color!
Katie H. color ovah here...color ovah there....wave yo hands in the air....put the color in the hair.
Kim J. I am looking forward to some all girls fun and excitement. Thank you for the invite. I will be sure to wear my new bling from my jewelry party this weekend.
Vinnie H. I'm soooo excited about being chosen as a Host for this Clairol Color Connection House Party. It's going to be so much fun. Hair color, make-up, friends, and food! HELLOOOO Girl Time!

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Party day
May 02, 2009