Abigail's DOLE® Salad Circle House Party

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Eva C. This will be so much fun to get together with you and the gang. Thanks for having a great spirit of FUN! I love you!
Jaime M. Sorry! We've decided to have Corinne's bday party that day and even though I think the times won't interfere, I'll be hosting the bday party for a lot of family and frankly it gets me rather stressed out!!! :) It sounds super fun though, and I hope everyone has a good time.
Abigail I love salad too! and I'm glad you can make it :)
Macey C. I'm sooooo excited!!! I love salad <3
Kendall P. You Are My One And Only!

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This event has ended. Be sure to check out other events going on now.
Party day
February 25, 2012