Jessica's DOLE® Salad Circle House Party

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Jennifer K. good luck!
Andrea K. Mm can prob come too! If I can find a sitter I will be there!
Jessica1119 Omg I am so sorry Hun. Call me if u need anything.
markelstacey definately, my luck is like yours..kellys mom passed away last monday but atleast the suffering is over. hope things have calmed down a bit for u jess.. will c u soon
markelstacey im so happy you have been getting to host....i will try my best to remember. hehe.. even the calender isnt a guarentee with me teehee
Jessica1119 Hope everyone can make this party! I am so excited to serve u all my favorite dish. Salad! Love them and we will be trying a couple different blends. In need of some girl time, aren't u?

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Party day
February 25, 2012