Nikole's FreshDirect Gourmet Your Way House Party

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Nikolette2025 Form easy, already prepared ingredients (such as turkey bolognese and fresh salsa), to fresh ingredients such as mango, lime, pears, salad, goat cheese and olives… Fresh Direct really helped me create fun, vibrant, fresh food for my party.
Nikolette2025 I love Fresh Direct. I was able to get all the ingredients for my dinner… plus “gourmet” ice cream! And I was able to take some easy steps to accommodate the vegetarians and no-nut-ites:) Thanks again Fresh Direct and House Party. And thanks to all the inspiring hosts! Oh, I pretty much stuck to the budget but I’m supplying the alcohol (sparkles and cocktails) and the homemade portion of the ice cream desert (bought from Fresh Direct last week!). Guests are welcome to bring a bottle of red… Here’s the menu: ~Appetizers~ Tomato Mozzarella Bites (with baby spinach) Recipe Starter: Fresh Direct’s Marinated Bocconcini Olive & Tomato Bites Spicy Turkey Meatballs (in garlic tomato sauce, spiced with Matouk’s hot sauce) Recipe Starter: Fresh Direct’s Mild Fresh Salsa--simmered with the meatballs! ~Salad~ Wilted Baby Lettuces with Sliced Anjou Pear (with Coach Farm’s goat cheese and pear marmalade, grape tomatoes, vinaigrette; toasted walnuts optional) ~Pasta Entrée~ Whole Wheat Lasagna (with baby spinach; and simmered turkey bolognese optional) Garlic Bread ~Deserts~ Iced Homemade Salted Chocolate Silk Cream (with butter chocolate chip cookie) and Kulfi Pistachio Cardamom Ice Cream ~Signature Cocktails~ Sparkling Lime-Pom-Tinis, Lime-Pom-Tinis and LiteLime-TinyTinis! ~Others Available~ Prosecco, Diet Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, Seltzer, Water (hehe)… ~Additional~ Feel free to bring your favorite treat or your favorite bottle of red:)
Nikolette2025 Fun! 20 people and tons of food. Thanks House Party and Fresh Direct! And thanks Earth (Day)! :) Check out the pics...
Jessica I have a few things going on Saturday but I will try!
Sarah Happy Earth Day too.
Kesha Can't wait :) Make me the cupcakes like on the 4th of July!
Nikolette2025 OK... request for Lasagna received... now I have to make the choice:)
Nikolette2025 Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the feedback, and yes, I officially changed the party day to Saturday, April 22! What a great opportunity to get together and celebrate... thanks to House Party and Fresh Direct. Definitely adding more invites later on, but wanted to invite my “party planners” first. Already decided to go with the pasta theme offered as one of the official options. Thanks to Fresh Direct, mac & cheese is definitely on the menu and (separately) spicy turkey meatballs are an option! Working on expanding the official menu and figuring out the drinks:). Fresh Direct is supplying great swag. The party day is also Earth Day adjacent so I will find a way to make the party earth friendly and launch us into a few better habits. Stay tuned:)
Cynthia I may have a poetry thing, so I'll give you a definite answer soon!! Thanks for the invite ;-)
Lana As long as I'm not the one cooking! No one wants that. Haha
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Apr 20 — Apr 25, 2012