Fresh Taste of Summer House Party™

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Christina G. Fun Fun Fun Party! Great turn out too! I think I'm going to do canning for Christmas presents this year now that I know its possible (by me). :=)
Marcia J. Wow, what a great party! I was the only person of all my guests who had ever canned, and it's a good thing! Someone had to kinda know what they were doing! :) We had to eat the salsa that didn't fit into our 12 jars and yummmy, it was good stuff! We opted to make strawberry jam, instead of the pepper jelly, since the strawberries locally are just so good. I am glad we did, this is some amazing jam that turned out yummy! My guests were all quite excited about their goody bags, and I even did door prizes with the discovery canning kit (since I don't need one!) and the Blue Book for canning, which made it very fun. Every guest was crossing their fingers to win the Discovery kit. Thanks to Ball and Houseparty for allowing me to host this great party. Pics to be posted soon!
Jenny S. I'm bummed! I'm working all day. :(
Taylor waiting ot see if we are going ot MCO
Janice T. I'd really love to come, but I think we have a b-day party that day. I'll get back to you as soon as I know for sure!

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June 05, 2010