Tonia's Hasbro Game Night House Party

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Tonia S. Thanks to all who came. We enjoyed having you over. What a fun time. We look forward to doing this again. We hope those who couldn't make it get the opportunity to experience the fun games we played by Hasbro. Don't forget to pick up your own Trivial Pursuit, Catch Phrase, and Taboo to hold a "Game Night" of your own for family, friends, and colleagues!
Tonia S. It's almost GAME TIME! Are YOU ready?
Tonia S. Just want you all to know the party pack is here, and it is fabulous. Not only will we be previewing the newest Trivial Pursuit (not yet on the market), but we will also be enjoying Taboo and Catch Phrase, courtesy of Hasbro! FUN...
Tonia S. I'm exciting to see that my party pack has shipped. I can't wait to check it out!
Tonia S. Hey Party People, I hope you're ready to chow down my favorite signature dessert. I'm whipping it up 'Game Night' style for you all! Don't ask what it is though. It's a surprise if this is your first time partying with the Sanders! LOL *winks*
Ryan S. Trivial Pursuit...WOOT!

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Party days
Jun 17 — Jun 19, 2010