Amy's HGTV House Hunters House Party

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MJ Sorry I can't make it. I'll be without my sitter/husband that day. Have fun.
Nicole M. Hi Amy. That sounds like fun! I'll let you know if I'm able to make it. Not sure right now. Nicole
Robyn AHHH why am I such a dork. I will try but I might just come a bit earlier. Kids have kids night out at 6 and Mike and I have dinner plans with friends.
Carolyn I am so sorry I can't make it. It is Art's bday and we will be doing something special to celebrate. I know your event will be awesome. Enjoy and thanks for the invite!
Alison M. Glad you changed the date as 2/18 is Chris's birthday and I know he wouldnt let me leave his sight that day - lol! Never heard of this kind of party so excited to come!!!! Thx for the invite :)
Robyn I wish I could be there!
Robyn OMG I wish I could!! I've never been to one of these! But we will be at Disney! So sorry girlie. Do it again because I totally want to come!

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Party day
February 17, 2012