Party favors

  • Smell And Tell Game

    Have a great time with your guests! See who knows their herbs!

  • Table Tent Card

    Use your table tent cards to write out the name of your recipe or as placecards for seating your guests.

  • Welcome Sign

    Print out this sign to welcome your guests to your party!

  • How To Use Hunts® Canned Tomatoes

    Hunt's Canned Tomatoes go with everything! Download these useful tips and share with your guests.

  • Create a Backyard Garden Fresh Party

    Easy, creative ways to make your backyard garden party special!

  • Hunt's® Logo

    Use these images to enhance your party... make a t-shirt, screen them onto a cake... Be creative!

  • Hunt's® Canned Tomato Recipes

    From appetizers to salads to soups to main courses, Hunt's Canned tomatoes make any dish special.

  • Menu Card

    Display your menu card with all the delicious recipes. You can also download the recipes for your guests to take home.

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Party day
October 24, 2009