Veronica's Johnsonville Italian Inspiration House Party 2012

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aronica1 the party pack is HEEEERE!!! the party pack is HEEEERE!!!! :)
aronica1 Can't wait to see who is "Sweet", "Mild", "Hot" or "Cheesy"!!! LOL!! You'll see!! Oh, and come hungry! :)
aronica1 So glad you will be here!!! I have some awesome new recipes!!! I will let ONE cat out of the bag because it is TOO good to keep to myself!! I will be making grilled stuffed peppers!! Reader's Digest version of the recipe: you cut the top off a bell pepper (I am using red) and take the seeds out, you sautee onions and chopped bell peppers in some olive oil with garlic, add loose Italian Saussage and stir together until combined but not cooked through. Stuff the peppers with this mix. Put them in a ziploc baggie or large tupperware, drizzle with olive oil, add some cloves of garlic and a few splashes of balsamic vinegar. Marinate them in the fridge over night. Grill them on the grill the next day and they can be eaten just like that or on a hoagie roll with or without mozzarella & Parmesan!! YUMMMY!!! :)
mom I love these parties and can't wait to try some of the recepies made with Johnsonville sausage. I have seen it but not yet tried it. What a great way to try something new and have some fun. Your parties are always the best, thanks for inviting us. See ya there.
aronica1 It is going to be FUN!!! :) I'm excited too!! :)
jb B. So excited that you were chosen to host this party.
jb B. So excited that you were chosen to host this party.
aronica1 Glad to see your crew will join us, Bob!! Awesome! Come hungry!! :)
Bob L. I Love Sausage, especially when it comes from Johnsonville!!!
aronica1 I am so excited (and so is my husband) that we are having an Italian Inspiration Party focusing on sausage!!! It's like the PERFECT FOOD!! :)

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March 24, 2012