TONI's Johnsonville® Pizza Possibilities House Party

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TONI H. We had a lot of fun!! We had 13 adults, 7 children and 6 pizzas. Taco, Sweet Sausage, Cheese only for the little ones who prefer it, All meats, Suprememe, Sausage/Ham/Pepperoni and veggies. The consensus was the winner was an all meats and veggie pizza. I made my favorite dough, prepped the pizzas, and started baking. Poor Pastor Dan got sick and that took care of the pizza throwdown.... I won by default, but we will have another chance some other day. As for now, I AM THE WINNER! PLus we earned some cash for the School Pal Paks and Crisis Care Kits ministries!! Yahoo!

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Party day
October 07, 2011