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All your questions about the Juice Juice Shining Moments House Party... answered!

Party Package

What will be in myJuicy Juice Shining Moments House Party?

Your FREE Juicy Juice party pack will include:

  • Juicy Juice Immunity – two 33.8 oz containers* of Apple flavor, 2 containers of Berry flavor
  • Juicy Juice Brain Development – two 33.8 oz containers of Apple flavor, 2 containers of Grape flavor
  • 15 Juicy Juice coupons
  • 1 sleeve of Juicy Juice sample cups (50 count)
  • 1 pack of Juicy Juice napkins (50 count)
  • 1 Juicy Juice table cloth
  • 2 Juicy Juice informational display stands
  • 15 decks of Juicy Juice mini playing cards
  • 15 Juicy Juice eco-friendly grocery tote bags
  • 15 Juicy Juice re-usable bottles (BPA free)
  • 15 Juicy Juice growth charts
  • 15 Juicy Juice activity booklets