Juicy Juice O-MEGA! House Party

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Stacey L. Still sick :(
Heather C. It sounds like fun! I will be in Mexico cheering on my husband during his triathlon that weekend. Thanks for the invite!
Anna S. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend. My parents are going to be in town so we will be busy doing things with Bubba and Grammy. :) Sounds like a lot of fun and I hope you all have a great time. Thanks for the invite! Anna
Rebecca A. Sorry! We will be at the Wrightstown Carnival
Tobi P. Thanks for the invite! I'm all about FREE and COUPONS, so when FRIENDSHIP is added, I'm hap hap happy!!!
Kristina I have been to a House Party before- a Canon party. It was a blast! No pressure to buy anything, just had fun trying out a new product and got free gifts and coupons. This is the first one I am hosting. Hope you can make it!

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Party day
April 18, 2009