Party favors

  • Just Dance® 2 Wallpaper

    Print multiple copies of this Just Dance® 2 wallpaper to tape together and hang up near the party entrance. As guests enter the party, make them feel like a VIP by asking them to strike their best dance pose in front of the backdrop as you snap their picture!

  • Just Dance® 2 Logo

    Use this logo to customize items for your party, such as stickers, decorations, and more!

  • Just Dance® 2 T-shirt Transfer

    Use this fun Just Dance® 2 design to decorate t-shirts for your party! You can pick up iron on transfer paper at a retailer near you. Then follow the directions on the iron on transfer paper accordingly. Based on the instructions, print either the first image or the mirrored image, then iron it onto shirts to give away to your guests!

  • Just Dance® 2 Welcome Sign

    Print this welcome sign and decorate the doors and living room with it to help set the stage for your dance-off party!

  • Just Dance® 2 Score Card

    It's time to put your Just Dance® 2 skills to the test! Who will win the dance-off at your party? Use this handy score card to keep track.

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Party day
November 20, 2010