Lori's Nicholas Sparks Potluck House Party

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Lori B. We had such a great party! Everyone was so excited to get their book and bookmark! Watched all the video's from Nicholas Sparks and the cast of The Lucky One and we all said, "it just made us want to see the movie even more". We all discussed the Nicholas Sparks books we have read and all of his movies! We all hope to add The Lucky One to our collection of movies whenever it comes out on DVD! Thank you House Party and Grand Central Publishing for allowing me to host the Nicholas Sparks The Lucky One Party!!!!!! We will always remember what a wonderful party we had!! Thank you Again!!!!!
Lori B. Oh Thank you! I can't wait girl! It is going to be so much fun! Can't wait to see you! :)
mslockwood4 I am looking forward to seeing Lori and having fellowship with all our friends and family.
Lori B. Your Welcome! Can't wait to have everyone over for my Nicholas Sparks Potluck Party!
Lori B. No, you don't need to bring a thing! Just yourself! Going to have a blast!! Can't wait to see you!
Lori B. Thank you Sharon and we will miss you!
Lauren s. cant wait to come do i need to bring anything?
Sharon Lori, so sorry I can't make your party, but it sounds so exciting. Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors, and I know you will have a good time. Thanks for inviting me, though. Have fun. Sharon
Ann Can't wait to come to your Nicholas Sparks party! Love Nicholas Sparks! Thanks for thinking about me!!!
Lori B. Whooo Hooo! So excited to host the Nicholas Sparks Potluck House Party!!! Can't wait and can't wait to see the new movie!!

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April 13, 2012