Party favors

  • Condiment & Toppings Pairing Suggestions

    A party favor for every flavor -- print out this condiment pairing guide to help your guests discover their favorite combos!

  • Hot Dog Horoscope Quiz

    What does your hot dog style say about you? Find out with this clever quiz to download and print for your party!

  • Hot Dog Recipes

    Get creative with these awesome hot dog recipes -- a surefire way to spice up the party!

  • The Tasting Game

    A quick and easy guide to the perfect tasting party.

  • Welcome To The Party!

    Check out this useful guide as you plan for the big day!

  • Wienermobile Coloring Sheet

    Who doesn't love Wienermobile art? Print a handful of copies of this OSCAR MAYER Wienermobile coloring sheet and let the kids at the party have some artistic fun!

  • Oscar Mayer logo

    Feeling creative? Download the logo and make t-shirts, custom party favors, party decorations, or decorate a cake!

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June 20, 2009