Aubrey's Pull-Ups® Potty Dance House Party Feb. 25

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DKElla Thank you to everyone who was able to attend! I will be delivering party packs (DVD, inflatable guitar, dance mat, etc) to everyone who wasn't able to be there.
Rebecca M. We have other plans on the 25th - so sorry to miss it! Sounds like fun :)
DKElla Great! I hope you two can make it. If not, I will still save Ben a gift bag. And we still have his Christmas present here too :)
Alicia B. Ben and I will be there if we can; big brother Will has a basketball game so we'll have to check the schedule first. If we're free, we'll be there - with our Pull-ups!
DKElla Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that there will be a giveaway at the party. We are drawing one lucky party-goer's name to win a $15 Target gift card!
DKElla Lunch will be provided. This is going to be a blast!

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Party day
February 18, 2012