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All your questions about the Red Baron™ Moms House Party™......answered!!!

Party Package

What will be in my party Package?

Your party package items will be arriving in TWO SEPARATE SHIPMENTS. One will be a box and the other will be a Red Baron® cooler with product.

These packages may arrive on different days, so do not be alarmed if you only received 1 package — the other one is on the way!

Here are the contents of each package:

Box 1 — delivered by FedEx, includes:

  • 1 Pizzeria-style tablecloth for host
  • 1 Candle for host
  • 1 Cheese shaker for host
  • 16 Pizza cutters for guests
  • 16 flyers with a special on-line discount for Red Baron® Pan Pizza and Pan Pasta for guests (PLEASE NOTE: ONLINE DISCOUNT WILL BE AVAILABLE STARTING MAY 7TH)
  • 75 eMusic cards for host and guests

Box 2 is actually a Red Baron® cooler/freezer bag — delivered by the Red Baron® Delivery Service (no signature required), which includes:

  • 3 Pan Pizzas and 2 Pan Pastas to serve at your party

If you don’t receive both of your packages by end of day May 4, 2010, email and put in the subject line "Missing box or cooler".

Guest On-line coupon

What is the special guest on-line discount for Red Baron® Pan Pizza and Pan Pasta?

The online discount will be available starting Friday, May 7th and expires 6 weeks after you print your coupon.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to  (link active on and after May 7th)
  • Share your comment about your product experience
  • Print out your coupon (1 coupon per person)
  • If the coupon doesn’t work, please click on the trouble shooting guide

You can to pass this offer to as many friends as you like!